Lisa Violetta Gass was born in Bingen in 1984. Until her final exams at secondary-school in 2003 she worked as an assistant director at the Hessian State Theater in Wiesbaden. In 2002 as an intern at SFB1 she gained knowledge on how to promote trailer, in 2003 at Korndörfer and Smets about editing them. For the film „Kampfansage“ produced by Action Concept Lisa Violetta Gass worked as Dolly Operator. In 2004 she held a job as assistant director trainee for the detective series „Ein Fall für zwei“ and started to work as assistant director for various projects at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. From 2006 to 2009 Lisa Violetta Gass studied directing at ifs internationale filmschule köln and participated in the mentorprogram at AV-Gründerzentrum NRW. Afterwards she went to EFA Master Class RUHR and started to work as Project Coordinator for the project »One Fine Day Filmworkshops« initiated by Tom Tykwer. In 2013 she was participant of Berlinale Talents. Currently Lisa Violetta Gass is working on several projects of her own and teaching directing and dramaturgy at schauspielfabrik in Berlin. For her new documentary TRANSIT she recieved the Gerd Ruge scholarship 2014 of Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. In december 2014 she joined the BVR - Bundesverband Regie, in February 2015 she became a member of Filmbüro NW.